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The saga begins (again) …


(Optional musical accompaniment.)

Hello there!

My name is Rob, and I love movies. This is my latest attempt to create a space where I can write about movies, movie culture, the movie industry and more. If you’re reading this, then hopefully you love movies, too, or are at least interested in my thoughts on the subject.

If you want the super-short version of my bio, you can find it here and skip to the paragraph starting with “So, here we are.” For the rest, here are the basics:

I’ve loved movies for almost as long as I can remember; I have distinct memories of staying up until the early morning hours watching the “Star Wars” movies over and over in grade school, and my parents can tell you all about how I manically danced to the tunes of “Mary Poppins” as it played on TV when I was a toddler. As I got older, that enthusiasm never waned, and I expanded my range from Disney, action and sci-fi flicks to classics like “The Godfather,” “Casablanca” and more. In college I took as many film studies as I could while still pursuing my journalism degree and political-science minor, and if I could do it all over again I’d probably just go ahead and get my film degree.

Things took a turn when I moved away from my home state after college to get my first real job; after a final internship, I became a copy editor for The Gainesville Sun and the Ocala Star-Banner in central Florida. You might even be able to find my old reviews and blog posts there, if you look hard enough. After about a year and a half there I tried something new: I told the features editor about my background and my love of movies, and I asked him if he’d give me a chance to write one, assuming I could find a way to get it to him in time for the movie’s release. To my joy and surprise, he gave me a shot.

With a little help from some of the other movie critics in Florida (who knew getting on the movie studios’ invite list was so complicated?), I wrangled my way into a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” and a new career was born. (I gave the movie four stars out of five; in hindsight, I overrated it by a little bit).

I continued writing for The Sun and Star-Banner as often as I could, expanding beyond reviews to previews and other features, a staff blog and a short-lived podcast with a fellow movie geek (shout-out to the very talented Ryan Gimarc). But last summer I was laid off from The Sun, and although I’ve moved again to stay in the journalism business, I haven’t been able to find another outlet for which to write professional reviews.

So, here we are: I’ve decided to commit to a blog again, because I’ve got the writing itch and I’m still trying to get to the movies as often as I can. I have no grand mission for this blog, other than to create a space where I and other movie lovers can talk about what’s currently playing and other movie-related topics. I want to have a dialogue, but I don’t want it to get ugly; there’s plenty of that online already, and I don’t have the time or patience to deal with it here.

If this piques your interest, I’m glad to hear it and encourage you to spread the word in whatever manner you choose. I don’t know where this is headed, but I’m anxious to find out. To start with, in the next few days I’ll attempt to answer a deceptively simple question: What makes a good movie, anyway?